Code highlighting in wordpress

To get code syntax highlighting for wordpress blogs, there are 2+1 options:

0. use an offline colorizer to generate html with the colors, then paste it in the “text” editor tab. This can be a bit cumbersome depending on your setup.

1. install one of the many syntax highlighting plugins

Since this is not possible for free blogs on, a cheap, bare-bones highlighting can be achieved by

2. wrapping your code in the Visual Editor like this:

[code language=”python”]

Which produces:


The instructions and list of supported languages are here.

Unfortunately many languages (e.g. elisp) are not supported. For elisp, the closest I get is using clojure as the reference language.
It doesn’t look good, but better than nothing:

;; autosave sessions
(setq desktop-dirname "~/"
 desktop-base-file-name ".emacs.desktop"
 desktop-base-lock-name "lock"
 desktop-path (list desktop-dirname)
 desktop-save t
 desktop-files-not-to-save "^$" ;reload tramp paths
 desktop-load-locked-desktop nil)
(desktop-save-mode 1)

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