KingRoot, KingoRoot, iRoot etc. are spyware

In hope to give my old phone a second life, I’ve decided to root. After some research I’ve picked KingoRoot and the rooting went smoothly.   Except it turns out that it is spyware and shouldn’t be used. I don’t understand why this didn’t come up in my initial research. Should be the first result […]

AutoKey API Documentation and resources

AutoKey is a great piece of software. Still works although last updates are few years back. Since it allows python script embedding it is incredibly extensible. Due to google code migration the documentation is no longer easily available but here is a link to the last snapshot: Mailing group (still active):!forum/autokey-users Favourite script […]

Install ROracle on Linux

There are a lot of guides/stackoverflow questions related to installing Oracle Instant Client and ROracle on Linux. I had to combine multiple sources to get it working. The guide uses the as of writing current version 12.1, change the version numbers below if you live in the future. Here is the end-to-end process I took: […]

Fastest checksum for file comparison

If you need to just quickly check if two files are same you can use cksum instead of the usual sha*sum or md5sum. cksum is much faster. The prices is that it is not cryptographically safe: it is possible to intentionally construct collisions. However, for all non-adversarial situations this is totally fine and you gain significant speed […]

ggplot2 is from an alien planet, dplyr is paleo

Today, I was reminded about a major gotcha in ggplot2 (by making the mistake). How do you set limits on plots with ggplot2? Most common is to do simply: The problem with this is that ggplot removes the data outside the range before any plot happens. This is fine quite often – say you are just doing […]

Rebind Your Keys, I Beg You

It’s your editor dammit! Recently there was reddit discussion about proper finger placement on the most basic chords – next/previous line: C-p and C-n. Whether you should use your pinky or switch to modal editing is besides the point. The point is very simple: don’t discount the option of aggressively rebind your most commonly used commands […]

Blogging from Org-mode: 2016 edition

There are a few tutorials on setting up org2blog with WordPress blogs, but many of them are outdated and don’t yet use use-package. Setup your .netrc Open (or create an empty) ~/.netrc file and save you credentials. The content of my file: # machine machine-name login some-login password some-password machine suboptimum login YOURNAME1 password PASSWORD1 […]

Pimp Up Your Org-mode Files

Step 1: Pretty Bullets You can use org-bullets to get nice bullet symbols such as these: Here is my setup: You can omit the org-bullets-bullet-list: the defaults look quite nice, too. If you need inspiration, you can find an exhaustive list of utf-8 symbols here.   Step 2: Fancy Todo States You can make your […]