Each 1 teach 1

Hello Universe!

In this blog I’ll post short mostly technical snippets.

Rules are:

  1. In each post, provide one useful tip or trick on programming, text editing, data analysis, etc. These might be blatantly obvious to some, but perhaps useful to others.
  2. Keep each post under 140 words (a lexical order of magnitude longer than a tweet) – except for code.
  3. Use very simple, straightforward language (already broke it in point 2).

My main blog, suboptimum, will remain for the longer, more esoteric posts.

Thraxys will try to lower the psychological barrier to writing, by focusing on short, simple, technical posts, rather then essays.

Why Thraxys?

The name is inspired by Dave Snowden‘s work. He speaks about Thraxis as combination of theory and practice. “Thraxis” is reserved, hence Thraxys. Which I like even more!

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