Blogging from Org-mode: 2016 edition

There are a few tutorials on setting up org2blog with WordPress blogs, but many of them are outdated and don’t yet use use-package. Setup your .netrc Open (or create an empty) ~/.netrc file and save you credentials. The content of my file: # machine machine-name login some-login password some-password machine suboptimum login YOURNAME1 password PASSWORD1 […]

Pimp Up Your Org-mode Files

Step 1: Pretty Bullets You can use org-bullets to get nice bullet symbols such as these: Here is my setup: You can omit the org-bullets-bullet-list: the defaults look quite nice, too. If you need inspiration, you can find an exhaustive list of utf-8 symbols here.   Step 2: Fancy Todo States You can make your […]

Code highlighting in wordpress

To get code syntax highlighting for wordpress blogs, there are 2+1 options: 0. use an offline colorizer to generate html with the colors, then paste it in the “text” editor tab. This can be a bit cumbersome depending on your setup. 1. install one of the many syntax highlighting plugins Since this is not possible […]

Use github search to find useful code snippets

When getting stuck developing┬ásomething or just trying to learn about a construct / library, try to use github‘s search. Search the whole github (not just “this repository”, if selected) and select “Code”. Github is now very rich and you can often find an answer faster than asking on Stackoverflow, or find new inspiration even if […]

Each 1 teach 1

Hello Universe! In this blog I’ll post short mostly technical snippets. Rules are: In each post, provide one useful tip or trick on programming, text editing, data analysis, etc. These might be blatantly obvious to some, but perhaps useful to others. Keep each post under 140 words (a lexical order of magnitude longer than a […]